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For over twenty years we have been putting all our energy into the development of unique and high-quality clothing for western riders!

Only the best fabrics and ingredients are processed fairly and sustainably in Europe. Irrespective of the season, unique favorite pieces are created in small editions all year round.


Enjoy the finest quality and comfort for a long time by purchasing our high-quality sportswear and thus contribute to the sustainable use of resources!


"Keep it up! The quality and longevity of the products is great. I would rather pay a few euros more for a favorite piece that really deserves the name and is not a cheaply produced piece of textile. Martina T. "


"Hello dear ones, your clothes are and will always be the coolest....unfortunately also expensive, not everyone has them for that. Every year I buy something nice for my birthday and for Christmas. Now that there are no tournaments, you can Yes, do more! Kind regards from Stephi"

"I always think your products are great and you know that too :) They are of incredibly good quality and give you a lot of pleasure for a long time <3 Kind regards, Iris"

"It's great to have the clothing produced sustainably! In addition to the beautiful designs, it would be real added value and definitely another reason to buy it for me! Congratulations, Tina"

"Hello! I love your articles! I think that's great! All the articles I own from OS are great to wear! The quality has never disappointed me! Great work, please keep it up! LG from Upper Franconia Steffi"

"Good luck with the 2020 project, everything that is sustainable - is to be welcomed!!! For the sake of nature ;) so long, bd"


We think
to the environment

From day one, we strive to produce in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. We have been underlining this philosophy with our GREEN SPIRIT campaign since 2009.

In 2020 we started our latest project, "OS-WESTERN SPORTSWEAR MAXIMUM SUSTAINABLE".



THE LEGEND OF OLD SORREL LIVES ON..., 1999 the name of the exceptional stallion "OLD SORREL", one of the most important sires of today's modern quarter horses, gave its name to the branded clothing for western riders "OS - Western Sports Apparel"!
OS-Western Sports Apparel stands for the best quality, fashionable colors and trendy design "Made in Europe".
The founders of the label come from the western riding scene, grew up with horses and are still deeply rooted in equestrian sport and quarter horse breeding.
This authentic clothing brand for western riders, which is now known and loved beyond the borders of Europe due to its uniqueness, was only created through the love and enthusiasm for quarter horses.
The products are developed and designed by us, from the raw material to the smallest label, and produced in small editions in Europe.

Our high-quality, colorful and fashionable western sportswear revolutionized what had previously been a rather dreary market.
Working with NRHA USA in Europe, or the great Oregon saddle maker "Donn Leson", our support of the NRHA European Futurity in 2009/2010/2012/2013/2014/2017/2018, the NRHA USA Futurity Oklahoma City in 2016 and the European Masters in Switzerland at C.Schuhmacher, ERCHA Italy, Americana and many more shows the unlimited popularity of our products.


Today, after more than twenty years of existence of our brand "OS-Western Sports Apparel" (OSWSA), we are an indispensable part of the western riding scene. We now deliver our products to the beloved homeland of cowboys in the USA and Canada.

In autumn 2022 we opened up our USA headquarters with OS-Western Sports LLC in Gainesville Texas.

We are very grateful for this and wish for the future a happy hand to dress many riders with our quality products "specially"!
OS-Western Sports Apparel
01st of February 2023



Since the beginning of our foundation, we have relied on a fair and long-lasting partnership.

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Raiffeisenstr. 5

86494 Emersacker


Phone: +49 (0) 8293/ 960368 

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